What is Google Data Highlighter

What is Google Data Highlighter?

What is Google Data Highlighter?

Data highlighter from Google is a new and easy way of highlighting the structured data on your site.

What is Google Data Highlighter?

What is Google Data Highlighter; Data Highlighter Dialogue Box


Structured data in SEO is a standardized format of providing information about your page to search engines and classifying the page’s contents. For example, on a recipe page, structured data would give expected details like ingredients, cooking time & temperature, calories etc. to the search engine.

Prior to the launch of Google Data Highlighter, structured data had to be marked up using HTML code. For webmasters not familiar with HTML code and/or those without access to the site’s code, this might be difficult to achieve.

With this easy-to-use alternative however, structured data on webpages can be marked up by simply highlighting them and identifying them to Google. This increases the chances of your webpage(s) appearing as rich results in SERP.

Simply put…

Google Data Highlighter is a point-and-click alternative to manually adding markup data to your site. It allows you to show Google the pattern of structured data on your pages without modifying the pages itself.

Google Data Highlighter is available in Google Search Console.


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