Receive Funding and Design Support for COVID-19 Projects

Receive Funding and Design Support for COVID-19 Projects

Program specifics

Deadline: 9th April, 2020
Organizer: Co-creation Hub


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and its related consequences in other sectors of various economies across the globe, CcHUB is looking to fund and provide research and design support (via its Design Lab) for COVID-19 related projects. These include, but not limited to, projects in the following areas:

  • Last mile communication: educating the public and ensuring the right information reaches even remote locations.
  • Support for the infected and the most vulnerable in society.
  • Local production of essential medical supplies.
  • Support for our food value chain, from producers to consumers, in the event of movement restrictions.

Join the Code Life Ventilator Challenge 2020

If you are already working on a project or have an idea, with the capability to build out the solution with available resources from CcHUB, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Projects can be focused on a particular African country, the African continent or the world at large.