6 Most Important SEO for Meta Descriptions in 2019

6 Most important SEO for meta descriptions in 2019

6 Most Important SEO for Meta Descriptions in 2019

In an earlier post, we outlined 6 Most important SEO tips for images. In a subsequent post, we highlighted why you need to optimize your meta descriptions. To further help in your SEO drive, we will in this post briefly discuss the 6 most important SEO for meta descriptions in 2019.

Note: All we discuss here is based on our personal experience and research!

Always add a meta description:

The first step to having an optimized meta description is having a meta description to start with. This post outlines why it’s very important for you to include a meta description in all your pages/posts. There are tons of tools out there that can help you come up with a meta description targeting your keyword. Worthy of mention among these is Yoast SEO for WordPress. It’s one of the most common for WordPress users including techiewave.

Make your meta description the right length

One of the most important SEO for meta descriptions is the length of the snippet. As said in this post, the ideal length of a meta description is about 155 characters, anything longer than this gets cut off.

A meta description is like a sign post in the SERP that entices searchers to visit your page, you therefore have to make every word of it count. Ensure to convey relevant info that would attract visitors in these 155 characters. Yoast suggest that you use this space to get your message across but keep it short and snappy.

Include the focus keyword in your meta description

Again, as seen in this post, it’s very important to include your focus keyword in the meta description. Search engines e.g. google will more likely show your specified meta description if it contains the keyword the searcher is searching for.

That’s not all, Google makes every appearance of the search query in the meta description bold as seen in the SERP page below. In the example below, we searched for “$25 blockchain giveaway”.

6 Most important SEO for meta descriptions in 2019, "$25 blockchain giveaway"

6 Most important SEO for meta descriptions in 2019, “$25 blockchain giveaway”

Including your focus keyword in the meta description increases your chances of getting hits when anyone search for that keyword.

Be “truthful” in your meta descriptions

Ensure that your meta description truly represents the content of your page/post. Don’t attempt to mislead visitors by promising in the meta description what you don’t have on your page/post. Search engines can penalize you if they discover that you’re merely misleading searchers with bogus meta descriptions.

Additionally, a misleading meta description increases your page’s bounce rate and reduces site engagement all of which negatively affects your site’s overall rank.

Your meta descriptions should be unique

Don’t try to copy the meta description from a competitor site or another page/post on your site to rank high. Google will simply pick a snippet from any other part of your page/post to include in the SERP. Best to write unique meta descriptions for each page/post.

You can check for duplicate meta descriptions and make them unique using tools like HTML Improvements in Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa’s SEO Audit tool.

Make it captivating!

You need to catch the attention of your audience and make them want to visit your page from the SERP by:

  • Using the right voice; use an active voice rather than a passive voice.
  • Include some specifics that potential visitors will be interested in e.g. prices, number of steps (for a how to post) etc.
  • Include a call-to-action where appropriate e.g. “try for free”, “find out more”.


This brings us to the end of this post on the 6 most important SEO for meta descriptions in 2019. Ensure to adopt these tips (if you don’t already practice them) to enhance your site’s SEO and profitability.

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