Jim the cashier – a short story

How Jim lost his Job. Photo credits - Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Meet Jim, cool, great looking guy, good at school too with excellent grades.

a. Meet Jim

Jim’s classmates were having a hard time figuring out what they wanted to become after school, but that was not the case for Jim, he had this all figured out.

b. Jim had his career path all figured out

Jim’ dad was a shopping mall cashier, his grand-dad too was, in fact, Jim was often told that his grand dad was the fastest mall cashier in the county. So, naturally, little Jim was next in line for the family career.

c. Jim was next in line

He couldn’t wait to get through school and start work at Sundial Mall, the largest retail outlet on the West Coast

d. Jim couldn’t wait to start work at Sundial Mall

He literally couldn’t wait.

e. Jim literally could not wait

Great day! Exactly on the 5th of September, Jim graduated from high school and to make things even better, he got his dream job the very next week – to commence work as a junior cashier at Sundial Mall.

e. Things were going really good for Jim

First day at work, Jim was totally upbeat; he was at his very best

g. First day at work, Jim was at his best

But there was a little problem, just a couple of weeks later, he heard rumors that Sundial Mall was planning some major upgrades and it included bringing in some self-checkout machines.

h. Jim heard rumors…self-checkout machines you say

But it wasn’t just a rumor, the supply company delivered the new machines the very next week!

i. Supply company delivered the machines the next week

To Jim’s horror, a staff meeting was scheduled the next month to discuss the “major shake-up in Sundial Malls”.

k. To his horror, there was to be a major shake-up

By the end of the meeting, Jim and 3 other cashiers were told that they were to be retrenched…replaced by those “stupid” new machines!

j. Jim lost his job

Poor Jim lost his job, but that was not all, he also had to figure out how to break the news to his girlfriend and family.

l. He had to figure out how to break the news

The end!

Don’t be like Jim! The world is rapidly changing and so should you.

Purpose of this post

Although this is a purely made up tale, designed to make you laugh (hopefully), my main aim of writing this is to call your attention to the importance of developing yourself by learning new skills that would keep you way ahead of the competition (including competition from machines).

Are you Jim?

Are you Jim? Have you stuck with the fast fading conventional system or are you equipping yourself with skills that will keep you from losing your job?

This post lists just a couple jobs that will decline due to automation and AI, to remain relevant in the workforce, you therefore need to equip yourself with skills.

Wrapping it up

To bring this post to an end, I leave you with this wonderful piece by Sylvanus Ahunzo, the COO of Jobrem on why you should learn a new skill.

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