Internet Real Estate (2)

Continuation of Internet Real Estate

Internet Real Estate (2)

This is the continuation of our series on INTERNET REAL ESTATE and for those who missed part one, you can visit the earlier post via this link.

In this section we would be looking at domain name parking. It may be wrong to assume everyone reading this article already knows the process of domain name purchase so let’s begin with domain name purchase. Domain name purchase involves visiting a domain name registration company and typing in the name you intend to use for your site (e.g. in a search button provided for you to check if the domain name you want is available for purchase or if it has already been taken by someone else.  If the name is available, you can go ahead and purchase it (price usually ranges from a few dollars to about fifteen dollars). You should note however that premium names cost higher so do names already taken by someone else who is willing to resell to you.

Examples of domain name registration companies include,, etc.

Once you have the domain name in your account of the registration company, you can then contact a domain parking company by visiting their site and doing the necessary registrations. Some companies involved in domain name parking include,, etc. Once you get registered with any of the parking companies, you need to do a little technical work (although not complex) which requires the redirecting of your server to that of the parking company and no longer that of the company where you bought the domain name from. Performing this action involves visiting your account on the company where you purchased the domain name and locating settings. Under settings, replace the server name of your domain name company with that of the parking company which you would get once you register for parking.

Things to consider in domain name parking

There are things to be considered in domain name parking (I would avoid some more technical terms for simple explanations) and these include:

The domain name you intend to park should be one that already has a good traffic history. In essence, your domain name is best when it was acquired before by someone else with a website running on it which generated traffic before it was sold to you. There are sites you can use to check such details like the traffic details, google ranking etc. Such evaluation sites include,, and

When your domain name is parked, the parking company creates a dummy web page for the domain name and places adverts on the page so that once visitors click on those adverts, you get your share of the income which would reflect in your account. Your money can then be withdrawn through cheque or via electronic means such as Paypal. The withdrawal period is usually fixed by the parking company.

Finally, as we watch out for the next series on INTERNET REAL ESTATE, I would like to get responses on your money spinning parked domain name.

Note: It is important to note that you don’t go on to click your domain name once you park it as the traffic sources are expected to be similar to where they came from when the former owner of the domain name worked with it.


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