How to maximize faucet earnings

How to maximize faucet earnings

Faucets are a risk-free way of earning crypto. Problem is that you can only earn very little from them because faucet payouts are really low. This post will show you how to maximize faucet earnings i.e. push your faucet payouts to its maximum.

First things first; what are faucets?

Faucets are ad publishing sites that pay viewers to view their ads. Faucets often have lots and lots of ads on display for viewers.

How do faucets work?

Faucet owners make a profit by charging advertisers a little amount (can be as low as $0.10 per 1,000 impressions) to host their ads on the faucet. They then attract viewers (by giving out free crypto) to come view the ads.

Simply put, faucet owners collect a small fee to put up display ads and pay viewers a fraction of that fee to view the ads.

How to maximize faucet earnings; 4 simple ways of maximizing faucet earnings

Register and use multiple faucets at a time

Different faucets pay out in different currencies (e.g. a Dogecoin faucet pays out in Dogecoin while a BTC faucet pays out in BTC). To earn more, simply use as many faucets as possible at a time and afterwards, convert your earnings in your microwallet to the currency of choice before withdrawal to your main wallet. That way, you’ll earn much more than if you claimed from only a single faucet.

This works best with faucets that payout into a multicurrency microwallet such as  Coinpot.

Bellow is a list of faucets that payout to CoinPot, you can start with these if you don’t already use them;

Moon BTC

Moon Doge

Moon LTC

Bitfun etc.

Don’t forget referral bonuses

Virtually every faucet gives you a bonus for every person you refer. This bonus often falls around 25% of his/her faucet claims. Having many referrals will surely boost your faucet payouts.

Loyalty bonuses for your “loyalty”

Faucets like Moon BTC, Moon Doge etc. pays you an additional bonus called “Loyalty Bonus” if you return to make faucet claims every day. This bonus keeps increasing each day you return and resets (returns to 0) if you miss a day.

Example: If you return to make claims at least once a day for 20 days at a stretch, your loyalty bonus on the 20th day will be 20% of your claim amount. So, assuming your claim amount was 1 Doge, your loyalty bonus on the 20th day will be 0.2 Doge. This will be added to the total amount you receive in your claim.

Make price dips work for you

During price dips, faucet claim amount are generally higher. Maximize your earnings by hitting the faucets more frequently during price dips because when the price goes back up, your coins will be worth much more!


You probably can’t survive on faucet claims alone but hey! It’s a risk-free investment, there’s no harm in trying it out. Also, what you earn from faucets, though it seems insignificant, can really become tangible someday if you keep accumulating it and prices go up.

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