How To Get Free $50 Ad Credit On LinkedIn

How To Get Free $50 Ad Credit On LinkedIn

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How To Get Free $50 Ad Credit On LinkedIn
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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals cutting across various spheres (from programmers to entrepreneurs, freelancers, job seekers, you name it). Think of it as the Facebook or Twitter for professionals, where they meet, share ideas, send “Inmails and so on.

How to get the free 50 bucks

Create a LinkedIn account (if you don’t already have one). To create an account, click here

Log in to your LinkedIn account and create a company page (not sure how to go about it? Check this guide).

Wait for your bonus (yes! As simple as that).

LinkedIn $50 Coupon Page

LinkedIn free $50 Coupon page

Note the following:

You can request for the free Ad Credit on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions page here. That way, you can receive the bonus without necessarily owning a company page on LinkedIn.

The offer is valid only for new LinkedIn advertisers

You can receive this bonus only once.

You will need to fill in your credit/debit card details and a small amount would be deducted from your account for verification. This would however be refunded upon successful account verification.

You won’t be charged provided you keep your ad campaign within the $50 limit.

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