How to earn using Presearch – Updated!

How to earn using Presearch - Updated

How to earn using Presearch – updated!

If you are looking for a passive way to earn some extra bucks while online, Presearch is an excellent way to go. I already gave a more detailed guide on how you can “get paid to search with Presearch“, so this is just a quick updated recap.

What is Presearch?

Presearch is a rapidly rising search engine that allows you to search the web and get your results from your preferred search engines. Simply put, Presearch operates by getting results from other search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). It allows you to set your preferred search engine and receive search results from it as normal, i.e. as though you are searching with your preferred engine and not with Presearch.

Presearch is however a bit different from the rest

Presearch is however a bit different from other search engines in that it is blockchain based and gives you a reward of 0.25PRE for each search you make!

PRE is the native currency of the Presearch engine. Presently, each PRE token is worth ~ $0.04. PRE currently trades on 3 exchanges – HitBTC, YoBit & CoinExchange.

And now, what’s new?

Presearch has made remarkable progress in terms of development of browser extensions. Prior to now, they only had a Google Chrome Extension but now, they have released extensions for Firefox and Brave browsers. These extensions allow you to search privately without compromising personal data and using them gives you the same reward of 0.25 PRE per search.

Additionally, the Presearch community has grown to more than 1 million members within the space of a year and according to Colin Pape, Founder of Presearch, this rapid growth is because more and more searchers “want change: more choice, more privacy and more rewards”.

How can you take advantage of the Presearch opportunity?

To get a bit of the action, simply register to be a beta tester of the Presearch Engine and start earning rewards for every search. Note that searches must be legitimate (read more about this in this post.).

Also, to earn more, invite your friends to sign up and earn extra 25 tokens for each referral who earns up to 100 search reward tokens and has been active for up to 60days after initial sign up.

Withdrawing your PRE rewards

To withdraw your earnings, you must have earned 1,000 eligible PRE tokens.

What can you do with PRE tokens?

A couple of things actually, you can withdraw it to any of the exchanges mentioned above and trade it. You can also use it to buy ads on the Presearch engine (search engine marketing).

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