GTBank launches GT Coin

Guaranty Trust Bank

GTBank’s 737 platform has enjoyed massive adoption by Nigerians for diverse functions including inter/intra bank transfers, airtime purchase and data purchase among others. Many users of this platform (myself inclusive) however don’t know that for each 737 transaction they perform, they get rewarded with a cryptocurrency known as GT Coin.

I’m quite familiar with cryptocurrencies and actively trade them on exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex but have never come across GT Coin. A quick check of coinmarketcap revealed nothing either and the only details available online about it shows that it is a project by the bank which is still in its trial phase.

Now this wouldn’t be the first time GTBank is venturing into blockchain tech, there are unconfirmed reports of them incorporating it in their tokens for identity verification. This was achieved by generating a random code (quite like the Tx hash in bitcoin transactions) for users each time they perform a transaction, thereby preventing transaction duplication or unauthorized access to users’ account details.

What is GT Coin and how can it be used?

Inquiry as to what the coin is and it’s use cases revealed that it is a promo on the 737 platform and users earn the coin as they use the service till they accumulate enough to make a purchase on the SMEMarketHub. This detail was gotten from the bank’s customer care department via email as seen in the screen shot below.

Response from GTB on GTCoin

GTB’s GT coin enquiry response

Guarantee Trust Bank has always been the preferred bank for many Nigerians (especially the young) because of their technological innovations, little wonder they are one of the leading banks in Nigeria. Though GT Coin is in its trial phase, I’ll keep my fingers crossed in the hope that someday I’ll have “piled up” enough to purchase an item of my choice on “The Hub” or probably just exchange it for cash. Keep up the good work GTB!





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Cool move GTB my bank 🙂

We will test the experiment and see what it will be like

Sure, no harm in trying. Cheers!

Let’s see how it goes.

How do I access my gtcoin in gtbank account?

To access your coins, log into your internet banking profile and click “Redeem GT Coins”, you’ll find it at the top left corner of the page.

Note that for now you can only exchange it for #1,000 worth of airtime and that’s when you accumulate up to 200 GT Coins.


I just tried redeeming my GT coin and i got stucked at a point, I am suppose to input the cumulative number of coin I have, please how am I suppose to know how much coin I have accumulated, because I was not keeping a tab on that.

It seems the reward system is not yet stable because it keeps fluctuating, mine for instance could be 105 coins today and 35 coins the next day. If you’ve gotten up to a minimum of 200coins however, you’ll have the option of exchanging it for #1,000 worth of airtime on your internet banking interface.

Pls. I use the gtbank app and can’t find the “redeem GT coin” there. How can I get to know the accumulated coin I have, cos I have been recharging using the 737 code?

You’ll need to use the internet banking platform to redeem your tokens, when you login, You’ll see it by the left hand side. You’ll also see the option of exchanging it for airtime (provided you have up to 200coins).

Regarding checking your coin balance, I’ll need to check it out and get back to you. Cheers!

What’s the site to login for gtb internet banking cos it’s not there on the application

To login to GTB Internet Banking,
i. Visit
ii. On the right side of the page, you’ll see “Online Banking (Personal)”
iii. Click “login”
iv. You’ll be redirected to the “Internet Banking” page where you’ll enter your user id/email and password
v. Having entered your login details, click “login”.

Note that you must have set up Internet Banking details from the bank before you’ll be able to login.


I have checked my mobile App and I still can’t spot “Redeem GTcoin”…..
Somebody should help please.

You can’t access it via your mobile app for now, you’ll need to go through the internet banking platform ( to access it.

Sorry to tell you guys but the reason it “fluctuates” is that this rubbish service RESETS the whole amount to zero every month. Basically, it doesn’t carry over any previous transaction points, once the first of the next month comes around. Total rip-off. Naija, as usual.

It fluctuates even within a particular month, GTB really needs to get their act right with regards to the GTCoin.

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