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A search for the word “freelance” using a search engine returns so many results to you. To some persons, this word may be a not so common one but to others, it has not only become a routine term but actually they get jobs done.

Freelancing simply put is rendering service(s) to a client and getting paid in return by the client without having to be a fully committed on a long-term basis to the client. The client is the person who needs the service while the freelancer is the individual or group who renders the service e.g. logo design, web design, blog post writing and yes even virtual assistance in exchange for an agreed amount of money. This is quite similar to having a personal business which renders service to clients however unlike a personal business, freelancing doesn’t need you to have a business name and official work hours.

Recent times have witnessed a rapid boom in freelancing with countless jobs being outsourced on a daily basis to freelancers (mostly over the internet on sites like Freelancer, etc) who get paid to in return for their service via accepted channels such as PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, physical cash among others.

An Illustration

Say for instance you need a logo for the new bakery you’re establishing but have little or no experience in designing logos. All you need to do is outsource it to freelancer online and pay him/her to design your logo. To achieve this, you need not even take a break to go to graphic design company and have them design your logo, all you have to do is to go online to a freelance graphic designer on a freelance site like those mentioned earlier and hire a freelancer who will deliver what you want within the stipulated time.

Advantages of outsourcing jobs to freelancers

Getting what you want with less hassle

Outsourcing jobs to freelancers has numerous advantages including the fact that you’ll be able to choose from numerous freelancers from different backgrounds with different levels of creativity and exposure. It’s more like making your choice from so many good graphic designers in a market only that this time around you won’t be walking from shop to shop to check out their previous designs, you’ll only be scrolling through their various profiles to make your choice. Making your choice however can sometimes be a daunting task but most of these sites have a form of rating system using various criteria which you can help you make up your mind on who to hire.

Lower cost

Hiring a freelancer doesn’t make the freelancer your employee, therefore it’s more economical for you to outsource certain jobs in your bakery which do not require a full-time staff to a freelancer. We’ve been looking at getting a logo done which you might not need to do more than once but say for instance that you need something more frequently like a blog post for your blog once or even twice a week, you will only have to pay per blog post and not have to pay a writer on a full-time basis.

Secondly, you also get to choose among the freelancers, one with a fair price range. Despite the fact that more experienced freelancers would generally charge the higher rates, you can still get an excellent logo from a less expensive freelancer (he/she might be new in the freelance game but very good in rendering the service you need). This comes in very hand especially when you’re trying to minimize cost.


These are just a few advantages of outsourcing jobs and as we look more at freelancing, you’ll see more benefits.

In our subsequent post, we’ll be more practical on how to outsource jobs on freelance platforms and safety measures you can take to avoid being swindled.

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