FREELANCING (2): Guide to Outsourcing Jobs

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Numerous platforms exist online where you can outsource various kinds of jobs, however, getting what you want without being defrauded is no doubt the concern of most persons especially those who are new to outsourcing jobs online. In this post, we would discuss tips which if followed will ensure you get true value for your money when you outsource jobs online to freelancers. Before that however, it is worthy of note that there are two broad categories of sites where you can outsource jobs on:

  1. General sites” where people rendering various types of services work e.g. Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr. Usually freelancers on these sites pass through a relatively less rigorous screening process before they are allowed to sell on the platform.
  2. Dedicated sites”, these offer a particular type of service or related services such as academic writing, ethical hacking, transcription among others. Gotranscript for example is an example of a site which offers transcription, translation, subtitling and captioning services while Writerbay is a site which offers academic writing services. Before a freelancer can register on dedicated sites, they usually have to undergo relatively rigorous screening compared to what is obtainable in general sites. This gives dedicated sites fewer freelancers who however deliver higher quality jobs to clients.

Tips to getting good quality results

Read reviews and patronize only sites with good reviews

Before you outsource job(s) on any platform, read reviews from other persons who have used the site. Their comments would guide you on whether or not to outsource your jobs there. Some notable sites which usually show up when searching for reviews include: Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Glassdoor (you may find other sites as well, depending on what you search for).

If possible, patronize only dedicated sites

Dedicated sites come highly recommended because they usually have quality assurance admins which ensure that freelancers “selling” on their platform deliver what the client requires within the stipulated time. In some cases, these admins are even biased in favor of the clients because they want to keep them “happy” and if possible, make them long-term clients.

If you have to patronize general sites, use escrowed transactions

Stick to sites which support escrowed transactions, this would allow you to initiate a “dispute” if you don’t get what you paid for. Usually, sites which offer this facility indicate that they do so to encourage potential clients to outsource jobs on their platform. This brings us to “escrow”. An escrow in an online freelance transaction is similar to an escrow in everyday life (offline). In simple terms, it is an agreement between both parties in a transaction in which a third independent party oversees the exchange between the client and the freelancer. The third-party receives the payment for the service to be rendered by the freelancer and upon completion and approval by the client, releases the funds to the freelancer, thereby protecting the client. In addition to this, if the client fails to honor his/her own side of the agreement, the freelancer can still get paid by initiating a dispute, thus the freelancer is also protected in an escrowed transaction.

NB: Escrowed transactions generally cost more than those which are not escrowed and this is because the third-party offering the escrow services charge an amount known as “escrow fees” for their service.

By way of concluding this post, to get what you pay for when you outsource jobs online, first do a proper background check on the site and if possible stick to dedicated sites. If however you must patronize a general site, ensure your transactions are escrowed or that at least, you have a means of initiating a dispute if you don’t get what you paid for.

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