Facebook Community Accelerator 2020

Facebook Community Accelerator 2020

Community Accelerator Application

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. An important part of this is supporting the leaders who foster community—people who offer encouragement, build bridges and drive change. We invest in and empower these leaders to start, grow and sustain meaningful communities that positively impact people’s lives.

Apply to our Community Accelerator to get the training, mentorship and funds to grow your impactful community.

Opens: Mar 10 2020 09:40 AM (PDT)
Deadline: May 1 2020 11:59 PM (PDT)

How we will help:

Growth Focused Training

Participants will be immersed in an intensive training program to create a growth plan for their community through Facebook’s family of apps.

Mentorship & Partnerships

Facebook team members and experts in product and community growth offer each participant hands-on mentorship and connections to local funders and partners.

Funding to Grow

Facebook will work with GlobalGiving to fund participants’ approved growth plans.

What you’ll do

Create a growth plan

You’ll spend three months learning from experts, coaches and our custom curriculum to create a growth plan that matches your goals.

Test and iterate

Facebook will work with GlobalGiving to fund your approved growth plan.

Showcase your work

The program will culminate with you showcasing your community and progress to external funders and partners.

If you run an impactful, established community, are ready to grow using Facebook’s family of apps and have the time and energy to invest in this program – we encourage you to apply!

What you’ll learn

TRAINING: Facebook tools for scale:

You’ll learn how to optimize Facebook’s family of apps, tools and features to grow and scale your community.

TRAINING: Community growth strategy:

You’ll learn multiple growth strategies and how you can leverage each to grow your community.

TRAINING: Measuring and communicating impact:

You’ll learn how to define, measure and communicate the impact your community has on the world.

Proven Impact

The Community Accelerator is an evolution of our Fellowship program, which in 2019 supported 115 participating leaders worldwide.

Together, those leaders reported that their projects impacted over 1.9 million lives through online community support, the use of helpful resources, and other activities made possible by the program.


Who can apply?

This program is open to communities with leaders who are 18 years of age or older and reside in the following countries: Brazil, United States, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt. Communities must have existed for over one year (either online or offline), and must have a minimum size of 5,000 members if primarily online.

The program will be conducted in English or Portuguese (if applying from Brazil).

How would participants be selected?

A committee of Facebook employees and external experts will be selecting participants through a process consisting of a written application, a video submission and interviews. The committee will be looking at the community’s impact and trajectory, the leadership team and the community’s needs and goals.

The selection committee will look for communities who would benefit most from the unique programming offered and have the capacity to engage fully in the program. This includes:

  • Established Community: An existing community (either online or offline) who has an engaged member base and has existed for over one year.
  • Social Impact: A desire to create social impact that betters people’s lives through their community.
  • Appetite to Grow: The community leaders know that growing their community through Facebook’s family of apps is their next challenge and are willing and excited to scale.
  • Capacity: A team that has the capacity to scale their community using Facebook’s family of apps and can manage the growth and work that comes with it.
  • Leadership: The leader(s) of the community have leadership experience, including managing teams and projects.
  • Business Model/Income Strategy: The community has a business model or is close to having a business model to cover their costs, even if it isn’t recurring revenue.
  • Commitment: A team that is committed to engage fully in each stage of the program.

How much funding will participants receive?

Facebook will work with GlobalGiving to fund participants’ approved growth plans. Up to $3 million total will be awarded to program participants. Selected participants will each receive up to $30k to execute their growth plans during the 6-month program and could be eligible to receive part of the $500K additional funding available at the end of the program to further grow their communities and impact.

When are applications due? When does the program start?

All applications are due by May 1st and selected communities will be notified in June. The program will begin in June 2020.

More details and application

Visit the Program Website