How to Earn via URL Shorteners

This post will show you how to earn via URL shorteners online. Good thing is that you can do this with virtually any type of link (links to viral YouTube videos, trending social media posts). All you need is a credible URL shortening platform!

How to earn via URL Shorteners in 3 steps

First Step:

Locate a legit URL shortening platform that actually pays as you send traffic through them. Listed below are 7 URL shorteners you can try out. This list is not exhaustive.





How it Works

URL shortening platforms are simply affiliate marketing platforms that display ads to everyone who clicks your shortened links before directing them to the actual destination they want to visit.

In order words, when you shorten a URL with a shortening platform, you get another a shorter URL which if clicked, first redirects you to see display ads (for about 3 seconds) before taking you to the actual content (video, blog article, social media post etc.).

Step 2:

Register with the platform and get familiar with the environment. Different platforms have different procedures for shortening URLs so just get familiar with the one you settle for.

Step 3:

Shorten links and share with friends, colleagues, group members etc. to earn.

To maximize your earnings, share links to trending content e.g. viral YouTube clips, trending social media posts etc. Google Trends is a very handy tool in getting current trends.

Upsides of earning via URL shorteners

It is really a very passive income source; your earnings keep building as more people visit the captivating content you share.

It is really easy; you don’t even have to own the content you share, you’ll only be sharing links you’d have shared anyway, only this time, you get paid to do so.

You can maximize your earnings by sharing hot topics/trending content. The catchier the content you share, the more people click and the more you earn (remember that you don’t need to be the author of the content)!

You can work from virtually anywhere.

Downsides of earning via URL shorteners

Earning by redirecting traffic through URL shorteners isn’t all rosy, it poses its own challenges which are:

Potentially spammy; site visitors get to see unsolicited ads before getting to the content they requested for.

You’ll probably irritate those you share shortened links with and at some point, they may just stop clicking your links.

You’ll probably lose a lot of your potential earnings to ad blockers and visitors who run back to “safety” when they see unsolicited ads instead of the content they requested for. That way, they won’t complete the process (view the ads for the stipulated period [~3 – 5 seconds] and click the “proceed” button afterwards).

How much can you earn with URL shorteners?

Most URL shorteners have a CPM of 1~10USD, i.e. You get paid anything between $1 and $10 for 1,000 complete ad views. This rate is not constant; it depends on the country site visitors are clicking the links from in most cases.

Referral System

As with most affiliate marketing systems, URL shorteners mostly have a referral system that pays you ~20% of the earnings of anyone you refer.


Earning a few bucks passively by sharing shortened URLs is really a very simple because you’ll be doing what you already do (share links to content that catch your interest with friends, colleagues, group members etc.), you don’t even need to own the content you broadcast.

Additionally, sharing catchy content can really attract visitors and maximize your earning.

However, you’ll probably irritate your friends, colleagues, associates, etc. if you keep sharing ad embedded links from URL shorteners.

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Disclaimer: We came up with the URL shorteners listed above from research, kindly do your due diligence before signing up with any of them.

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