What are Cryptocurrency Bounty Campaigns?

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What are “Cryptocurrency Bounty Campaigns”?

Cryptocurrency bounty campaigns are simply marketing and developmental strategies used by crypto companies to improve their project/community while at the same time, increasing the popularity and adoption of their coin by rewarding bounty participants with the coin. Common tasks to be performed by participants include the following:

Signature Campaigns

This entails posting the company’s signature (a small piece of code) on popular forums like Bitcointalk. This is quite similar to adding the company’s logo to your Twitter account to promote it. For most signature campaigns, the higher you rank, the more stakes of the coin you earn. Below is a sample signature taken from a recent bounty program.

Image of a sample campaign signature from an ongoing bounty campaign showing the quote and code to be attached to their bitcointalk profile

Sample signature for a bounty campaign

Twitter and Facebook Campaigns

This requires you having an active Facebook or Twitter account usually with a specified minimum number of friends/followers. To earn stakes, you would usually be required to like/follow the company’s official page and re-post/share their official posts for the duration of the campaign to earn stakes.

Note that moderators of these campaigns scrutinize entries to ensure that all participating social accounts are real and are run by real people to prevent rigging of the system, they achieve this by allowing only accounts that have existed for a specified time frame e.g. 4 months.

Telegram Campaigns

Here you would be required to join the company’s official Telegram Channel usually till the end of token sale. Additionally, some campaigns require you to be active and supportive of the group.

Note: Telegram Campaign mods are usually strict regarding spamming, use of bad language and advertising of other products/services in the channel and consequences include loss your stakes and outright removal from the channel.

Blog/Media Campaigns

To participate in blog/media campaigns, you’ll need to write a unique and relevant blog post or create and upload relevant video content to earn stakes. Note that to enter, your content (blog post, video) must be publicly visible and have an audience.

Translation and Moderation Campaigns

To participate in this type of campaign, you’ll need to translate the company’s whitepaper, announcements etc. to earn stakes.

To earn stakes in moderation campaigns, you’ll need to actively moderate and manage the company’s announcement thread, post regularly and avoid derailing of the thread by commenters.


To participate in bounties and earn stakes, you’ll need to indicate your interest to participate by filling out your details on the form provided (usually a Google Form).

Cryptocurrency Bounty campaigns are usually published on Bitcointalk and Bounty Lord. You may also come across them on other social media groups on Facebook, Twitter etc. which are created for that purpose.

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