Rules For Creating Your First Website

Website creation rules

This article aims to provide essential knowledge for starting or building your first website. When you get some things right from the outset, it would save the stress of trying to correct later on, what you would have done correctly initially if you had known. There are cases where site owners lose a good number of visitors and potential customers as a result of making changes to their website which seemed unacceptable to their established site visitors.

There are various websites with some form of trademarked layout, design or color. So it is good from the outset to know which design and features you want to work with that would last for years without major changes to your website.

In this article, we would be looking at two major rules in building your first website


The KISS rule simply means, ‘Keep It Simple and Straightforward’. Your website won’t be appealing when it is crowded with different items, talking about different information all in one place. Most times a web visitor expects something from any link that is clicked, so it is the responsibility of the web designer to keep that primary information at the glaring eyes of the web visitor, for example if you have a website about real estate, then your homepage need not have several information of different things happening around the world and in space, your visitors are not looking for information about how a new planet was discovered as long as it does not affect the movement of people, leaving their homes to space, neither do they need to know what your dog ate for dinner, except if dogs pay mortgage.

The website also should have a drawn line between the need for monetization via advert placement and the simplicity requirement. When you encounter a website which is just geared towards placing several adverts without consideration to the major reason why visitors clicked on the link of the website, then such a website is bound to lose the patronage of a serious minded person. Furthermore, sites with the simplicity idea loads faster on the devices of your visitors, so they would easily see your website and not go elsewhere as a result of web page loading delay. Our next rule is stated below;


Two-Click Rule

This rule means, visitors to your site should be able to access whatsoever information they need within two clicks and nothing more. When there are more than two clicks involved in accessing the information that brought them to your site, then they tend to leave for another site that can provide them with the needed information without much stress or time delay.

The two-click rule understands the fact that internet users most times lack patience in searching out the information they so desire, and with the availability of the mouse or a touch-screen device, internet users change their search web address at will without blinking an eye. So once you are certain about the information you want to give to your visitors, then make it easy to locate.


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