Chrome 71 to fight abusive experiences

Chrome 71 to fight abusive experiences

Chrome 71 to fight abusive experiences

Open Source Chrome 71 is set to be launched in December, 2018. This version of Chrome, an upgrade to Chrome 70 is set to fight “abusive experiences” better than its predecessors.

According to Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager at the Chromium Project, previous Chromes’ ad blocking protection was not able to block up to half of abusive experiences. This problem will be fixed in the new Chrome 71 via its enhanced ad blocking feature, thereby saving users from abusive experiences online.

What are abusive experiences?

Abusive experiences are “experience designed to intentionally mislead users into taking action on the web”. They involve harmful or misleading ads that trick users to click them and sometimes can be used by scammers and phishing schemes to steal personal information.

Starting December 2018, Chrome 71 will remove all ads on sites with persistent abusive experiences.

For site owners

Site owners with abusive experience issues on their sites will be notified via the “Abusive Experience Report” in their “Google Search Console” and will be given 30 days to fix the flagged experience before Chrome begins removing their ads.

Although users will be able to turn off abusive sites filtering in the Chrome settings (chrome://settings/content/ads), most users will probably not change this default setting.

According to Sekhar, these stronger protections are aimed at ensuring that users “interact with their intended content on the web, without abusive experiences getting in the way”.

With a good number of internet users using Chrome, this development will potentially cause a drastic decline in the revenue of site with abusive experiences.


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