Build Your Future with the Google Conference Scholarships 2021

Google Conference Scholarships 2021

About the Google Conference Scholarships

This is funding opportunity from global giant – Google for applicants to attend international conferences in different parts of the world. Scholarship eligibility has been categorized into regions as follows:

Applicants from Africa
Applicants from Europe
Applicants from North America
Applicants from Asia-Pacific Countries (APAC)

To see requirements that apply to you and how to apply, click the appropriate link that applies to you.

A note from Google:

A brief note from Google on the Google Conference Scholarships 2021
A brief note from Google on the Google Conference Scholarships 2021 –

Additional Information

Award of scholarships will be to the most qualified applicants based on review of submitted applications. Also, every applicant will be updated on the status of their application based on the timeline specified for the region.

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Google Conference Scholarships FAQs

1. Are there countries restricted from applying?

No, based on information provided by google, its open to applicants from all nationalities, kindly refer to appropriate link to view requirements and information on how to apply for your region.

2. I am not a full-time student, can I still apply?

This depends on your region, applicants from Africa and Asia-Pacific Countries (APAC) have to be full-time students enrolled in recognized institutions while for applicants from Europe and North America, the following apply:
Europe: Women in technology with a strong academic and/or professional background and demonstrated leadership ability.
North America: Open to all qualified industry professionals and students especially to those who identify as historically excluded in tech – Women, Black/African American/Caribbean/West Indies, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native American/First Nations.

3. What conferences can I receive sponsorship to attend?

Based on your region, a wide range of conferences apply, i.e. you can receive sponsorship to attend a tailored range of conferences including:
North America:

  • The 2021 National Diversity in STEM (NDiSTEM) Digital Conference [SACNAS] – closing on the 27th of September, 2021;
  • Afrotech World – closing on the 11th of October, 2021;
  • Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) – closing on the 8th of November, 2021;

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