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Injini EdTech Changemakers in Africa Incubation

Summary of this program – Injini EdTech Changemakers in Africa Incubation (Cohort 4)

  • Host: Injini (Africa’s EdTech Incubator)
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Nature of the programme: Incubation & funding
  • Location: Cape Town (South Africa) and applicant’s home market
  • Grant: Yes (R100,000 or $6,788)
  • Benefits: work with experts in education, business, technology & entrepreneurship, a return flight to Cape Town, accommodation for Phase 1 & 2, basic living stipends to subsidise higher cost of living in Cape Town and potential investment of $67,882.
  • Application deadline: 10th December 2019.

Do you have a tech solution that can improve education in Africa? Injini (Africa’s EdTech Incubator) is currently accepting applications for the EdTech Changemakers in Africa (Cohort 4)

A little bit about Injini

Injini (Based in South Africa) is Africa’s first educational technology (EdTech) incubator/accelerator. It invests in promising EdTech startups in Africa and works closely with them to accomplish their goal of improving educational outcomes in Africa.

About the Incubator/Accelerator program

Injini’s incubation and investment program was officially launched in August 2017 and since then, has incubated 24 EdTech startups form 8 African countries (Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia & Zimbabwe).

The EdTech Changemakers in Africa (Cohort 4) comprises 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1:

(mid-March 2020). This will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. 1–2 decision-making members of your startup’s founding team will join the Injini team for an expenses-paid* stay in the Mother City for a period of six weeks. You’ll be expected to attend a number of business training workshops, engage with industry experts in 1:1 sessions and build a relationship with your mentor, who will support you through the duration of the program.

Phase 2:

(begins when you leave Cape Town and head back to your home market). During this 12-week period, you’ll be expected to apply the learnings from Phase 1 to your business on-the-ground, while the Injini team supports you remotely — the team may even pop in to visit some of you on your home turf!

Phase 3:

(commences back in Cape Town in July 2020). This will mark the final leg of the incubation programme. This four-week stretch will give the Injini team the chance to tie up loose ends and make sure your EdTech startup is ready for post-programme growth and possible investment.

*Injini covers the cost of international and domestic return flights to Cape Town, accommodation for the duration of Phase 1 and 2 and extends basic living stipends to subsidise the higher cost of living in Cape Town compared to other African cities. These expenses are only covered for founders who are not already based in Cape Town. All entrepreneurs are expected to cover their own food and in-country transportation costs, although Injini will occasionally sponsor group meals and social events.

Criteria for participation – you are welcome to apply if:

  • Your EdTech startup is based in Africa and focused on improving educational outcomes somewhere on the continent.
  • Your solution is aiming to address a key problem related to education in Africa.
  • Your solution is evidence-based — meaning, you can point to research that backs up your methods or hypothesis.
  • Your company is registered and a certificate of incorporation can be shared with the Injini team upon request.
  • Your startup has (at least) a minimum viable product or prototype.
  • Your startup has (at least) one full-time founder.
  • One or more decision-making members of your startup’s founding team are able to travel to Cape Town during Phases 1 and 3 of the incubation programme.
  • Participating founders from outside of South Africa must have a valid passport and eligibility to apply for a South African visa.
  • Participating founders must be fluent in English.

The Application Process (from Injini blog)

First-round applications opened on Monday, 14 October 2019 and will remain open until 10 December 2019. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so it is in your best interest to apply early — promising applicants will be invited to participate in the second-round application process.

If we’re impressed by your first-round application, we’ll ask you to record a 2-minute video pitch and to complete another form that will dive a bit deeper into your solution, giving you the chance to convince us that you’re the best pick for Cohort 4. Note: the earlier you submit your first-round application, the more time you give yourself to complete the second-round process (if selected), which will close on 5 January 2020.

From this point, we’ll select our top 20 applicants and schedule remote interviews between each founder and the Injini team. These calls will take place between 13–24 January 2020.

Finally, we’ll invite the top 12 applicants to pitch to a panel of judges at the end of January 2020 in Cape Town (either remotely or in-person) to compete for entry into Injini’s Cohort 4.

At Injini, we believe African innovation will help to solve our continent’s most dire challenges in education. We can’t wait to read your application and, hopefully, welcome you to Cohort 4!

Apply for Injini’s EdTech Changemakers in Africa (Cohort 4)

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