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About Techiewave - tech tips, news and hacks
About Techiewave – tech tips, news and hacks | Credits: slidesgo on Freepik

Techiewave is the home of tech tips, news and hacks. From my very first post – Freelancing: The Client, it has gradually and consistently grown, post after post, story after story to become an invaluable resource for tech tips, news and hacks!

How it all started

I started techiewave in March 2017 as a portfolio site to showcase my writing, but over time, it has grown to become an invaluable resource for tech tips, news and hacks for a growing number of followers globally!

Why I keep Techiewave running

I love adding value and I’m on a mission to keep doing this, Techiewave is an avenue by which I accomplish this. I sincerely hope you’ll find it a helpful resource.

I am also committed to fighting unemployment, reducing poverty and promoting technologyical development. To help me achieve this, I recently added a new category – Tech Opportunities which focuses on opportunities in Tech for individuals, startups and institutions globally. I believe with the growing reach of Techiewave, in Africa, this will make an impact.

What you’ll find on Techiewave

On Techiewave, you’ll find great quality content designed to help you solve problems, answer questions, provide guides, educate and yes, entertain!

How I keep Techiewave running

I keep this site running via revenue generated from rendering services (web development & content development), affiliate links and display ads, I however keep the ads in check, I don’t want them getting in your way or obstructing your experience.

I’m open to partnerships and support

I believe everyone should have access to good quality information they could use to make better decisions and achieve more. I’m open to partnerships and support to achieve even more.

I need your feedback

First off, thanks for all the feedback you’ve sent in, I love feedback, they help me improve Techiewave, to make it more effective and helpful. So, if you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas, kindly submit them via the contact form below.

    Alternatively, you can also shoot me an email here: martin@techiewave

    Techiewave is social, you can find us here: LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook.

    Thanks once again for stopping by, you’re most welcome, dive in and explore!

    Meet the Founder

    Martin C. Offiah - Founder of Techiewave - tech tips, news and hacks

    Hey there! I’m Martin Offiah, Founder of Techiewave. I am an IT specialist, tech enthusiast, web & web content developer (I build websites and create optimized content to put on them).

    I am also Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Jobrem – a site focused on connecting remote workers with authentic and verified remote jobs at reputable companies worldwide, you can check us out here: www.jobrem.com!