2020 IPA Oneshot/Movement Photography Awards ($4,500 prizes)

2020 International Photography Awards

About the IPA Oneshot/Movement Photo Contest 2020

“Life is a movement, a constant movement in relationship.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Indian Philosopher

This year’s IPA One-Shot special themed competition “MOVEMENT” looks at this concept through a photographer’s lens—movement in all aspects of life, showing change, development, movement and growth, in physical, political, social or artistic environments.

Send us your images that capture the essence of movement in the following 5 categories:

Street Photography
Fine Art
Technology – Machine

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Submission Deadline

Under the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 and because many of you were not able to complete their work to submit it to the IPA’s special theme photo competition, “Movement”, we have decided to extend the submission period to April 30, 2020.


Submitted images will be viewed and judged by our distinguished panel of Jurors and entries will compete for $4,500 in total cash prizes. The Grand Winner will be selected from the category winners – meaning that the winning photographer will get the Category Winner Award and the Grand Winner Award as well. Photographers of all levels of expertise are welcome to enter.

Category winner: $500
Grand winner: $2,500
Total cash prizes: $4,500

In order to support and honour the outstanding work of both professional and amateur photographers around the world during the COVID-19 crisis, IPA will match ALL cash prizes that are awarded this year with an equal cash donation to the charity of the winning photographer’s choice in their community. Learn more about this donation here.

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Entry Fees

Each entry is $20 (USD). Photographers may submit an entry for consideration in multiple categories with a 20% discount per additional category. Please note that to take advantage of this offer, photographers must select multiple categories at the initial time of entry. Images submitted as separate entries (separate payment) are subject to the full fee.

Technical Details

Digital images (digital photographs or negative scans) should be no larger than 4MB per image. Save as JPG compression High, 72 dpi, 1,000 pixels on the longest side. Photographers can submit images that have been published or awarded previously. All photographs should be no more than 5 years old.

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The entries of the IPA Oneshot/Movement photography contest will be evaluated by a selected group of the prestigious IPA Jury Panel which has over 80 world renowned gallerists, photo editors and directors, collectors, photographers, and other photography luminaries.


The International Photography Awards works together with magazines, online media, artist management agencies, production houses, photo societies and non-profit organizations which are also supporting the IPA Oneshot / Movement photography contest.

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The IPA Oneshot / Movement photography contest is a single-image online photo competition where you can only submit one image per entry. A series of images cannot be entered. However, there is no limit to the number of entries you can submit, so you can submit as many images as you would like as separate entries.

Unlike the annual International Photography Awards (IPA), there are no separate categories for professional and non-professional / student photographers.

Submission Process

When submitting a photo, first you will need to complete the online submission form, filling in the necessary details about your entry–credit name, entry title (please do not use symbols in the title–only letters and spaces), description, and select the category(s) that you are submitting to.

Once you have completed the online submission form and filled in the details of your entry, you will be directed to the upload page where you can upload your photos.

If your image didn’t upload correctly make sure that the file is saved in JPG format, and check that the name contains ONLY letters and numbers (no other characters or symbols).

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Please note that there are two steps to uploading your images once you are at the upload page. First you will need to select your image by clicking the “Apply” button at the bottom of this page, and then once the image is selected, click “send image” to upload that image to our server. Repeat this process for each image.

If you still have problems uploading your images after following these steps, you may also try to refresh your main submission page. Otherwise, contact our support desk for assistance at support@photoawards.com

More Details and Application

Visit the Programme Website

Read the Terms and Conditions

If you want to learn more about the rules and submission process, please visit the IPA Oneshot Terms & Conditions page or contact the Official IPA Support Team.